Honolulu Auto Repair Shop

What should you look for when you are choosing your auto repair service provider?  This is a good question that more people should ask themselves before bringing their car in to be serviced by someone who has the power to significantly make their life easier or harder.

We may have a good public transportation system here in Honolulu, and it is an excellent well-run city organization, but this is still a city that was built with the automobile and not rail in mind.  In essence, for the majority of us our cars are our primary means of getting us where we need to go. That is not going to change anytime soon.

You want to make sure that your automobile is running as smooth and trouble free as humanly possible.  Here are some qualifications you should have when choosing a mechanic shop to do any work on your vehicle.

ASE Certified Mechanics

I would ask the auto repair shop if they have technicians who are trained and certified. There are many mechanics that are not. Many of them were never formally trained and though there is nothing wrong with hands on training newer vehicles do, however, require more formal schooling to be effectively worked on.

People who also went through some sort of formal training are usually more aware of industry standard tools and procedures when fixing an automobile. This can be especially so with European, Japanese, and British cars. That consistency is is a good thing to have as every car is diagnosed and repaired the same way so that there is complete transparency.

Good Reputation For Car Repair

Auto Repair Honolulu

I personally like to do business with auto repair shops that are part of local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau and are in good standing.  These organizations are committed to excellence and if a complaint is made its members are obligated to deal with and resolve it. You will find that when there is clear oversight and accountability mandated for people or businesses the quality of their work and customer service goes way up.

This is hard for some people to ask for references, but it is a good thing to do nevertheless. Ask them for at least three references of recent customers you can call. You want to make sure that ‘great and wondrous” claims are backed up.  Do not worry about bothering anyone. When a good job is done for you then you should not be annoyed or shy of telling people about it.

Modern tools make any car repair work go a lot faster and better. When shops invest in the proper automobile tools they are able to diagnose and fix a problem in a matter of hours instead of days, maybe weeks. Investing in the latest equipment is what sets the real professionals from the “Mickey Mouse” fly-by-night companies

Best Auto Repair References

Ask around or search the Internet. What do people think about this particular automotive repair shop. Is what people saying positive or negative? After five plus years any business develops some kind of authority or reputation. Find out what it is, and know the details of your selected Honolulu auto repair shop.